April 18, 2023

The benefits of Ultrasound Guidance when used to aid in central venous, peripheral venous, or arterial access.

Written by: Mark Swanson RDMS, RVT

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The Benefits of Ultrasound Guidance when used to aid in central venous, peripheral venous, or arterial access.

Proper transducer manipulation and system optimization is the key when performing ultrasound guidance for vascular access.

Ultrasound guidance can be categorized as static or dynamic.

The static approach uses ultrasound to determine the vessel location and patency, evaluate the surrounding structures, and mark the location for needle introduction. After determining this location, the transducer is discarded, and the procedure is performed without real-time ultrasound guidance.

In a dynamic approach, the procedure is performed using real-time ultrasound guidance of the needle entry and visualization of needle tip placement. Ultrasound guidance improves success rates and decreases complications when compared to the static approach or landmark technique. Real-time needle visualization is performed using a Short-Axis (Out-of-Plane) or Long Axis (In-Plane) technique.

In a short-axis view, the imaging plane is perpendicular to the course of the vessel and the needle is visualized “out-of-plane”. The vessel will appear as an anechoic circle on the screen and the needle is visualized as a hyperechoic point (dot) in cross section.

In a long-axis view, the image plane is parallel to the course of the vessel and the needle is visualized “in-plane”. The image will ideally display the course of the vessel across the screen visualizing the needle shaft and tip as it is advanced during the vascular access procedure.

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