October 07, 2022

POCUS saves time in the Emergency Department

Written by: Trisha Reo AAS, RDMS, RVT

POCUS saves time in the Emergency Department

Anyone working in an Emergency Department (ED) understands that minute’s matter. Multiple cases presented in the ED are time critical and lack of a prompt diagnosis could be fatal. Treating physicians require in-depth insight to quickly administer rapid interventions to improve the outcome for the patient. This is where point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) comes in.

POCUS has become well known for diagnostic speed. POCUS is particularly beneficial when clinical examination is unclear as to the underlying cause of symptoms. A POCUS assessment, performed at bedside, allows a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition while eliminating the need to transport the patient to various departments for additional testing or imaging.

POCUS can also reduce diagnosis time in an emergency pre-hospital. Before the patient even arrives at the ED, an assessment can be made about their condition, allowing the ED to get the patient to the appropriate specialty team upon arrival. Rather than time being a barrier to exceptional, life-saving care, POCUS gives the ED team the information they need to make rapid decisions and provide necessary interventions quickly.

It is no secret that POCUS is essential to critical care. It is also no secret that POCUS is only effective when utilized by a skilled practitioner. Education and hands-on skills training are essential to becoming proficient in POCUS. Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute is recognized as a world-wide leader in POCUS education, featuring the largest variety of POCUS CME offerings in the world. Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute courses are taught by leading Point-of-Care Ultrasound experts and feature industry-leading 3:1 participant to faculty ratio in hands-on scanning sessions, allowing you to maximize your skills training and immediately incorporate POCUS into clinical practice.

Join us for one of our many POCUS CME Courses to improve your confidence and competence in point-of-care ultrasound. We offer both blended and traditional live, in-person POCUS CME Courses. Our blended courses will allow you up to 15 months to complete the comprehensive online course, utilizing our online learning management system. Then you’ll join us during a designated scanning skills workshop where you’ll work with the experts to hone your skills scanning live models. Our traditional live, in-person hands on courses consist of live lectures in our main lecure room, plus our hands-on workshops for you to practice the exams and cases that are discussed during the lectures. Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute POCUS courses ensure you will be able to immediately integrate your new skills into clinical practice, allowing you to improve patient care and outcomes from day one. So what are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind! Register today!

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