June 28, 2019

How do you become a musculoskeletal ultrasound sonographer?

Written by: Lori Green BA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

The Registered in Musculoskeletal (RMSK) sonography certification has raised the standard of musculoskeletal ultrasound throughout the world and promotes improved patient safety and clinical best practices.

By earning the musculoskeletal ultrasound certification, physicians, sonographers and other medical professionals gain a competitive edge in promoting patient safety in their musculoskeletal ultrasound practice.

To have the best chance of passing your RMSK Certificate exam, it is highly recommended to study with workbooks, flashcards, mock exams, and online courses months prior to sitting for the exam.

Once fully prepared to sit for the exam you will need to log onto the ARDMS website to register for the exam. Prior to sitting for the RMSK certification, you will first need to meet the educational and professional prerequisites. Prerequisites include being a licensed, practicing physician or advanced care professional who has clinical musculoskeletal ultrasound experience. This experience can be done in a clinical setting, and during Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Courses with Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute.

The MSK exam takes about four hours to complete and contains 200 questions. You’ll be assessed on your knowledge and abilities in the areas of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues of the body.

To earn your MSK ultrasound certification, you will need to demonstrate that you have competency of MSK Ultrasound. After the exam, it takes about 60 days to receive your score. Pass or fail, most people pass their results on social media. Physicians can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in musculoskeletal ultrasound by passing the RMSK certification. Sonographers can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in musculoskeletal ultrasound by earning the RMSKS certification. The RMSKS Exam does not include the physics portion that the RMSK Exam has. Earning this certification has the best chance to help grow your career opportunities and boost your visibility and credibility in the ultrasound field. The MSK certifications distinguish you as an expert in musculoskeletal ultrasound and demonstrates the fact that you have the skills necessary to provide exceptional care to your patients. 

To register for the MSK exam, you need to first realize and note that it is a windowed examination that only happens twice during select times of the year at Pearson VUE test centers. Once APCA reviews and confirms your application and it is approved, you will be sent an Examination Confirmation Letter (ELC). At this point you’ll be able to schedule your examination appointment. ?The RMSK credentialing programs? is was accredited by ANSI on February 12th, 2019 by ANSI under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024 Standard.

To gain the experience you’re looking for with MSK Ultrasound, or need the study materials or courses you’ll need to pass the MSK Exam boards the first time, click the link at the bottom of the page

   Become an MSK Ultrasound Sonographer


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