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Customized Hands-On Training at your Location ...

I wanted you to know how grateful we are for the course this week. Brian was fantastic. He was there earlier than I asked on Monday setting things up and kept the meeting flowing. He responded to changes on the fly. Overall there were no points where learners were standing around waiting for something - they were constantly engaged. That kind of flow is crucial to avoid wasted time and only happens with the constant attention to detail that he demonstrated.

The instructors were excellent. I took random photos during the course and now going through them I note that all the learners were engaged in every single picture - no one was not looking at the instructor or the ultrasound. Learners are now in clinic pulling the ultrasound out and already putting what they learned into practice. What was so impressive was the way the instructor-to-learner ratio allowed individualization so everyone learned—novices and experienced ultrasonographers alike.

I’ve been getting feedback through secretaries, nurses and residents that the staff who attended are calling it “fantastic”. I appreciate that you were able to come to my facility and tailor a course to our needs. The first thing the instructors asked was what the story was, why I set it up and what we wanted out of it. We definitely got what we were asking for. Thank you again to GCUS and everyone there who helped make it happen.

On-Site Ultrasound Education

A customized on-site program presented at your facility may be the best fit for your educational needs. As demand for ultrasound skills increases, your staff will need to be updated with the latest clinical techniques and information. With over 30 years as educators, Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute has the expertise to deliver a high-quality learning experience at your facility without the hassles of travel, lodging, and overall loss of productivity. On-site education courses are tailored to fit your needs, and our nationally recognized instructors leave no question unanswered.

We Offer:

  • Custom-tailored education from a respected ultrasound education provider since 1985
  • 99.8% satisfaction rating based on post-course evaluations
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)). Selected courses are ACEP and ASRT accredited.
  • On-site programs designed for a 4-to-1 participant-to-hands-on instructor ratio
  • Courses taught by recognized experts in the ultrasound profession


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Private Hands-On Scanning

Unable to attend one of our regularly scheduled courses?

Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute can customize a private hands-on scanning specific to your educational needs. Private Hands-On Scanning Sessions are interactive hands-on scanning labs in which you can practice scanning skills on live models and phantom simulators at our facility in St. Pete Beach, FL while receiving one-on-one attention from a certified instructor. These courses allow you to focus specifically on the skills and training applicable to your practice.

These courses do not include didactic lectures and are designed for participants who are registered in the particular course modality and are currently practicing in that particular modality, or have taken a prior Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute course specifically on that modality. If you are not registered or have never attended a course previously you are required to attend the Comprehensive Course OR complete the corresponding online course or online videos before attending the Private Hands-On Scanning Session. Please call if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Private Hands-On Scanning Sessions must be scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours and are subject to instructor availability. Private Hands-On Scanning Sessions must be scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours and are subject to instructor availability. Pricing starts at $250 per hour (minimum cost $1000) depending on the topics chosen.


CALL OR CLICK: 800.619.1900

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