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"I just wanted to commend you and your staff on your outstanding customer service. I have been dealing with Gulf Coast Ultrasound since 1992. I have attended several of your conferences. I have ordered many cme products over the years. It has always been a great experience. I am the supervisor of a large ultrasound department and have encouraged many of my colleagues to use your products. The content of the CDs and PASS workbooks are excellent. Please pass this on to the people in your company. Usually, people will send letters of complaint. I think you and your staff should know how great a company and staff you are. "

Josephine Nastase

"The [Intro to Emergency] course was outstanding! I enjoyed it quite a bit. Suspect I may return for another. Great job by you and the staff!"

Jeffery Galvin, MD

"I wanted you to know how grateful we are for the course this week. Brian was fantastic. He was there earlier than I asked on Monday setting things up and kept the meeting flowing. He responded to changes on the fly. Overall there were no points where learners were standing around waiting for something - they were constantly engaged. That kind of flow is crucial to avoid wasted time and only happens with the constant attention to detail that he demonstrated.

The instructors were excellent. I took random photos during the course and now going through them I note that all the learners were engaged in every single picture - no one was not looking at the instructor or the ultrasound. Learners are now in clinic pulling the ultrasound out and already putting what they learned into practice. What was so impressive was the way the instructor-to-learner ratio allowed individualization so everyone learned—novices and experienced ultrasonographers alike.

I’ve been getting feedback through secretaries, nurses and residents that the staff who attended are calling it “fantastic”. I appreciate that you were able to come to my facility and tailor a course to our needs. The first thing the instructors asked was what the story was, why I set it up and what we wanted out of it. We definitely got what we were asking for. Thank you again to GCUS and everyone there who helped make it happen. "

Jonathan Baines, MD, PhD

"Happy to visit with you. I myself have taken many GCUS courses, webinars and home study materials. I sing the praises of GCUS whenever I can and have referred many to you for their US training. Keep up the good work!"

Peter Lindbloom PA-C, MPAS

"Excellent program as usual! My training at GCUS (past 10 years) has enabled me to create an emergency medicine residency training program; ten years and going strong. Excellent place to gain CME and enjoy the ocean. All while obtaining top tier ultrasound skill and training."

Joseph R. Peters, DO, RDMS

"Hello everyone, just wanted to share with my mentors. Last week I had the opportunity to peak a 14 cm AAA with blood in the belly, last night a retinal detachment and then another Internal Jugular later on during the night. I don't remember any emergency medicine course that has affected so positive my practice. I missed the Echo in July, but you'll see me on December. I am truly gratefull!!!"

Manuel J Colon

"Thanks so much for the effort of people here of running this introductory echocardiography course. This institute started teaching more than 20 yrs ago and the enthusiasm and commitment of teaching ultrasound are still going on. This course is well structured and systematic. The lecture, hands-on workshop and case reviews sessions are well arranged. They are just right, not too much nor too little. The speakers are very experienced sonographers in both teaching and scanning. The models are also good teachers. The cadaver session is also amazing. Although I have to travel long way from Hong Kong, I find the course is just incredible. "

Pik Yan Chan

"Informative, dynamic, and wonderful, high quality illustrations."

Davidov Rita, RDMS

"I really thought this was of great importance in increasing my confidence in pediatric sonography."

Marla Romine, RDMS

"Extremely informative! Ultrasound images were extremely helpful, textbooks don’t always depict properly."

Courtney Vahle

"Very good, informative speakers. Learned a lot, beyond what I expected."

Deborah Hammacher, RDMS

"Excellent! Patient with all skill levels. True experts!"

James Carr

"I liked rotating and working with different kinds on instructors because they each had different trouble shooting techniques which I could choose which worked best for me. Also I enjoyed the small group format so you could tailor individual goals and learning needs as the sessions went on. "

GCUS Attendee

"Excellent. Used a variety of techniques and resources to illustrate, explain and address unique and unusual questions. Very good instructors, knowledgeable from a perspective of experience."

John Fatchett, RDMS

"Outstanding course from an education stand point and then to get documentation of studies done is what makes it unlike any other available course. Worth coming to the south for."

GCUS Attendee

"Conference was quite helpful - It met all of my goals and I will be back again (this is my second GUI conference). I now offer additional services in my practice with a great degree of confidence."

John Fatchett, RDMS

"Thank you all so much for presenting such a wonderful conference/session. The small size (28 students - <3:1 hands on sessions) enabled the participants to get up close and personal with the lecturers and staff - and made for one my most memorable CME conferences in recent years. Bravo and keep up the fantastic work! Cheers! "

Luis Centenera, MD

"Gulfcoast Ultrasound offers a great 3 day training course in Emergency ultrasound. It provides substantial clinical didactice coupled with afternoon small group, hands on training with talented ultrasonographers as instructors. We require it for all our PAs and every single one has come back raving about the experience. I just recently attended and it was a real confidence builder and was one of the most practical trainings I've attended. I would strongly recommend Gulfcoast to any individual PA or EM group that needs ultrasound training!"

John Graykoski, PA-C, MPAS

"Very enjoyable course. Very approachable staff and instructors."

Doreen Saitiel, MD

"Excellent! Just what I needed. The accompanying laminated card for reference was a nice chart to have for quick reference."

Teresa Haney, BA, RT(R)

"Overall, excellent and easy to use online"

Bridgett Berardi

"I had never attended an online seminar. After this one I am ready for another one. Good Job."

Delfina Guerra

"The quality of the Online Webinar was super."

Diana Brigham

"The quality of the webinar was excellent. I would not hesitate to utilize the webinar in future seminars."

Sue Beyrle

"Excellent. I would highly recommend this format."

Robert Podolsky

"Easy to use."

Gregory Carlson

"A positive experience."

Todd Neuberger

"It is an excellent program. Will recommend to my colleagues and friends."

Srinivas Vallapuri, MD

"I have gained a lot and have improved my effectiveness as a physician."

John Mabayoje, MD

"Overall this was a great experience and I feel I gained knowledge from taking this course."

Ruth Lamielle, RCS

"This course is an eye-opener for physicians interested in sonograpahic diagnosis. I will recommend it to my other colleagues."

Josiah Johnson, MD

"Excellent course. Practical info to use immediately."

Jeffrey L Harris, MD

"Overall a very effective and helpful ultrasound course. Thanks for everything!"

Erin Lanza, PA-C

"I am excited to get to work and put the skills that I have learned in motion."

Regina Thornsbury, RT(R)

"I enjoyed using the transponders to test my knowledge. I also liked the tests in the OB/Gyn book to test the info we had learned in that section. Great program."

Christal Sene, RT(R)(M)

"High caliber organization. Comfortable learning environment."

Jack Ferbust, DO

"This was my first conference. I enjoyed it and learned a lot and would definitely recommend it to others."

Jessica Darling RT(R)

"Carol Neil had a good presentation. Very helpful and informative. She explains info well, sharing her own experiences."

Jessica Darling RT(R)

"This course was excellent and full of information. Well organized."

Theresa Buckley

"Great course. Super helpful to my everyday scanning."

Tondra Smith, RT(R)(M)

"This will enable me to better evaluate my patients as well as assist clients of the pregnancy center. Thank you!"

Christine Hilderbrandt, ARNP, CNM

"Overall a great course. Very well done."

Melody Konrad, RT

"I will be recommending this program to fellow nurse practitioners in my practice."

Pam Fairclough, CRNP

"This has been an excellent introductory course. It has given me a lot more confidence with scanning."

Kelley R Whitaker, RN/APN

"Very professional staff and great teachers"

Brooke McCain, RT(R)

"A/V equipment is great. Written/printed material very useful. Faculty are knowledgeable and great at teaching."

Doug Lowery, MD

"This is an excellent, very well organized course in a perfect setting."

Maria Vilaro, MD

"The two days of training is worth the time and money."

Garry P Garcia, RDMS

"Thanks. It was great!"

Svetlana Tsyrlina, RDMS

"Thank you everyone for the pleasant experience I have had in attending this seminar."

Jima James

"Overall good introduction course to MSK imaging. I enjoyed the course and it was worth my time. Thanks a lot."

R.S. Hatch, MD

"Very good, excellent intro course."

Osric S King, MD

"Very informative - Easy to follow."

Elizabeth Ann Parnell, RDMS

"Very good. I can always pick up on some little things that help enhance my knowledge."

Douglas Petry

"Excellent course. Would highly recommend to any physician."

Brian K Liska, DO

"Excellent course. Instructors were patient and enthusiastic."

Faiz Khan, MD

"Very effective course. Corky is an excellent communicator. Very helpful. Thank you all very much."

Howard Rigg, MD

"Excellent and well organized. Worth the effort."

Anthony Daley, MD

"This course offered an incredible amount of needed information and technique. I am much more comfortable using the equipment on patients."

Deb Macdonald, PPA

"Very kind and helpful staff. Best wishes for continual success! You have developed an excellent learning environment with superb quality in all aspects."

Paula A Cardillo, MS, RVT, RDMS

"The course met my anticipated expectations and I would recommend the content to anyone re-entering cardiac ultrasound."

Judi Green, RT, RDMS, RVT, RDCS

"Excellent course. Everyone was very helpful."

Tonya Loveday

"I'm very pleased with the course. I feel comfortable and confident to go home and work with another tech to fine tune my skills."

Michelle Stephens, NCUDT

"Very helpful. Gives a great understanding of why you measure and what to look for. Highly recommend this program."

Barbara Tambasco, RN, RVT

"Very great course. Thanks for everything. Everyone is great."

Shannon McDaniel

"You truly run an excellent program. A real class act. Thank you."

V Messenger

"You guys were great! I would love to attend every course you offer!"

Cherie H Dick

"This was my fourth course at GUI and it certainly lived up to and exceeded the high expectations that have been set for me by GUI."

Doug Lowery, MD

"This was a well presented course that will greatly assist me in crossing into echo."

Cleveland Rennals, RDMS

"I found this course to be very helpful. I feel I was able to increase my knowledge and gain a stronger confidence in performing an echo. Thank you!"

David L Turner

"Enjoyed this very much. Very informative especially for new scanners. Great course content."

Robert Dement, RT

"Great! Had a great time learning in a very friendly environment."

Debbie Rodwell, RT(R), RDMS

"This course far exceeded my expectations. Facilities, equipment and location were wonderful."

Melissa Vance, RDMS

"This is the best CME activity I've ever done. I will keep coming back again and again."

Waheed Malik, MD

"This was a great seminar. Friendly staff and well organized."

Lisa Cummings, LPN

"I found this course to be very helpful and interesting. I really enjoyed it."

Heather Wilson, RDMS, RT(R)(M)

"I have worked in radiology for 16 years and this by far has been the best course I have ever taken. Very impressive instructors."

Jared Burlison, BS, RT, CV

"A great educational experience."

Samaris Sapp, DMS

"This program is very well organized and user friendly. The staff has been exceptional from start to finish."

Nancy J Orendorff

"The facility is very pleasant and I feel the staff go out of their way to meet all needs of students. Thanks to each of you."

Sandra Pilkenton, RT, RM

"I came to GUI knowing very little about echo. I feel I have benefited greatly in knowledge and ability to perform echo."

Sandra Pilkenton, RT, RM

"Everyone was wonderful about assisting me with any need or question that I had. I was very impressed with the professionalism and depth of knowledge possessed by the faculty."

Jennifer Halbleib, BS, RVT, RDMS

"Helpful in every way. I love the convenience."

Arlene Vanterpool Miles

"Excellent course. Helpful to see a range of products and different tips and techniques from different sonographers."

Malcolm Klein, MD

"Very knowledgeable. Excellent use of time!"

Eric Nelson, MD

"Great location, great faculty and staff."

L.R. Wood, MD

"Dr. Beach has excellent presentation skills and good choice of videos and slides."

Cynthia Brown, MD

"I thought this course was extremely well done. The ability to use several different U/S machines rather than one vendor added benefit as well."

Stephen J Feldstein

"Speakers were very informative. Outstanding program. I will recommend our entire sonography team attends."

Julie Wrigley, RDMS

"An excellent program! Well organized and effectively delivered."

Alison Brent, MD

"Best hands-on course that I have ever taken."

Michael Heid, DO

"Excellent course! Probably the best CME I've ever attended!"

Karen Hunt, MD

"Excellent training. I will greatly benefit from this experience and more importantly so will my patients."

David Masneri

"The presentation with side by side real time ultrasound and video feed of transducer position was awesome!"

Doug Lowery, MD

"Wonderfully put together course. It was very helpful in effectively teaching the fundamental course."

Dwayne Williams

"Rob is very informative and knowledgeable."

Paul Rhody, ARDMS

"I feel this program will improve my performance and provide me with a better understanding of my tasks."

Marla Romine

"Would highly recommend program. All around great program."

Mary Jane Van Paepeghem, RDCS

"Wonderful course - all speakers were extremely informative. One of the best organized and well prepared programs I have ever attended. Very helpful to beginner."

Robin Arceneaux, RCS

"It is an excellent program in an excellent location."

Srinivas Vallapuri, MD

"Very good course. Excellent facility. Faculty of high quality."

Floyd Burke, MD, FACC

"This program was highly educational and beneficial for practice application. Audio and visual aids made the learning process enjoyable and effective. I would highly recommend this course to others."

Katie Scott-Hlavac, FNP-C

"This course definitely exceeded my expectations. I felt it touched on all major topics with in-depth explanations."

Nancy Bordelon, BS, RT(R)

"The program was very good!"

Donna Barnett

"Very professional, well organized hands-on sessions."

Todd Howlett, MD, CCFP

"This course was very helpful for my professional and educational skills."

Ivelissa Garcia

"This was a very well conducted seminar."

Jane E Zilka

"I found the school to be extremely advantageous in a practical manner. Topics were taught and discussed that were actually needed to perform ultrasound more productively."

Forrest Mounts, RDMS

"I feel Gulfcoast Ultrasound is a great institute and through the years I have purchased workbooks and tapes and attended different courses. Everyone is always helpful in whatever I need."

Margaret R Peters, RVT, RVS

"Overall, I really enjoyed both seminars I attended and feel I learned a lot from your instructors."

Ruth Lamielle, RCS

"The course exceeded my expectations."

Krista McCauley, RT, RDMS(OB), RVT

"I loved everything about the program. Thank you very much."

Nelly Franks, RDCS, RVT

"A superb program to learn both the technical aspects and clinical information relevant to 3D/4D technology in OB/GYN - still having evenings to explore the paradise of St. Pete Beach."

Sharon Durbin, RN, RDMS

"Course and lectures were very good."

Patsy Ali, RT, RDMS

"Well organized, well delivered. It is an understatement to say I have been value added."

Lee Moses Iseko, MD

"Excellent course. I would highly recommend it to anyone working ER and even general practitioners."

Raffi Djevalikian

"I thought the course was outstanding. The information presented was priceless."

Sonya Stevenson

"Speakers knowledge and preparation were impressive. The handout will be useful for quite some time to me."

Eric B Milton

"Excellent program. Thank you."

Edith Mercer

"This course has exceeded my expectations. I feel I have gained an amazing amount of knowledge in such a short time. Thanks."

Sarah Pierce

"I was very pleased with this whole course and would strongly recommend it to anyone."

Alford Ray Coley Jr.

"The staff at GUI are all so helpful and knowledgeable."

Jessica Vilegas, RDMS

"I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot of valuable info to do a better job and have a better understanding."

Beverly Badger

"In general, all speakers well very effective lecturers. Very courteous, friendly and helpful office staff."

John W. York, MD

"Excellent and good mix of material for novice or more experienced MD. Speakers are excellent with knowledge and experience."

Rodney Snow, MD

"Excellent course. Better than expected. Highly recommend."

David Lammermeier, MD

"Well organized and presented conference. The course elevated my ability to sufficiently and accurately develop my ultrasound interpreting diagnostic skills."

Robert Brumberg, DO

"It was amazing. I liked that we had the ability to answer questions and I felt like I was part of the class even though I was at home. Please offer more online live webinars - they are perfect."

Elsa Grant

"Great staff. Good to rotate staff during hands-on to get different instructors."

Elaine Schoenling, RDMS, RT

"Everyone has been extremely helpful in making me feel confident about pursuing the field of ultrasound. Thank you so much."

Edith Agee, PA-C

"Great three-day course. Hands on experience for OB was fantastic."

Michael Allen, DO

"Very good course. Enjoyable and I learned a lot over the past week."

Donna Matthew, MD

"Each session I have attended was excellent. GCU is the first place I think about for ultrasound education."

Lynne E Hazelwood

"Everybody in GUI was very helpful. Great from the beginning till the end of the course. Thank you."

Gokhan Guvenli, MD

"I learned a lot this week. All staff were very well prepared and intelligent. The overall course was great! I would love to return for other courses."

Pamela S Smith, RT(M)

"Fantastic course. Exceeded my expectations. Great job on mixing lectures, cases, live demonstrations and hands-on"

John Martinez, MD

"Program is very good and can help me a lot on my clinical practice. Job well done!"

Gally Oropel, RDMS

"I found Dr. Moore to be a highly effective teacher."

William White, MD

"Staff members are all very helpful, attentive and pleasant. Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful."

Dennis G Solomon, MD

"Excellent course. I would recommend this course to any Emergency Medicine doctor who is seriously interested in ultrasound."

Gregory Cope, MD

"Great course and excellent delivery of material and practice hands-on time. Overall of great use for my practice."

Luis Ortiz, MD

"This course was educational; skilled and knowledgeable lecturers and staff. Corky and Jim were excellent. Keep up the good work!"

Juana Rodgers, MD

"I have been to a couple other Gulfcoast programs. I feel each one has helped me to improve my ability."

Virginia Mueller, RDMS

"Great course. Well worth the money. I will definitely return again for other courses. Thank you!"

Susan C Barlow, CNMT, RN, BSN

"It's a very beneficial course for me and will assist me with patient management and arriving quickly at a diagnostic critical decision timely."

John Mabayoje, MD

"Superb, well organized and very helpful. A course designed to maximize learning."

Howard Lippton, MD

"Well done course. Good use of presentation video and hands on applications."

Amy Axberg, MD

"Thank you so much. I feel much more comfortable in understanding basics and some of the complexities of cardiac, abdominal and Ob/Gyn scanning. This was very helpful."

Bruce Nayowith, MD

"Outstanding course covering both basic and detailed knowledge and application of ultrasound to regional anesthesia."

Hugh M Smith, MD, Ph.D

"Ms. Beithon made this course excellent!"

Agnes Holland, MD, PhD

"Every aspect of this training program has been first class, exceptionally and professionally presented. What is offered by GCUS has become a national resource, especially valuable to emergency medicine."

Hubert S Mickel, MD

"Compliments to your facility and staff. Your passion and commitment to state of the art medical education obviously shows."

Dale McNinch, DO

"These course is an excellent instrument for ER physicians to perform accurate and reliable U/S in different ER scenarios."

Richard L Francisco, MD

"Overall a great course. Material was covered in a thorough and straightforward manner. Highly effective."

Jeffrey Schultz, MD

"Excellent course! Jump started my understanding of ultrasound in Emergency Medicine. Perfect course to start your use of ultrasound in the Emergency Department."

Richard Reidy, D.O.

"Probably the best CME conference I've been to date."

Paul Matthews, MD

"Great course! Excellent lectures and technicians/instructors. Great hands-on experience."

Andrew M Johanos, MD

"Very well organized. Great staff. Great classes. Will recommend highly to my colleagues."

Valerie Rusko, PA

"Excellent course. An enormous amount of relevant info, didactic material clearly and completely backed up with hands-on experience."

Sandra Herr, MD

"Excellent overview and introduction to performance of ultrasound in the Emergency Department."

Steven E Sommer, MD

"Excellent course. Everyone was very helpful. I am impressed with your entire organization. I achieved my objectives for the course the first day. There was plenty of hands-on experience. The best CME I have ever attended. Thank you very much."

Dan Curtis, MD

"Given the volume, fidelity and sophistication of the hands-on experience, this was a superb investment of my CME dollars."

Doug Lowery, MD

"This GUI course was not only the best organized and most effective ultrasound CME I have attended but the best organized and effective physician CME I have ever attended."

Doug Lowery, MD

"Well designed. Attention to all details. Great format. Great hands-on experience. Top notch."

Tim Fitzer, MD

"My 3rd time — gets better each time I come."

Cleveland Francis, MD

"Great course! Keep up the good work. Far exceeded my expectations."

Mark Bowers, DO

"A thoroughly planned course that exceeded my expectations. The instructors expertise is impressive."

Stephen Nazario, MD

"Great school — learned a lot and realized that if you know your anatomy scanning becomes more logical and deliberate instead of just searching."

Brittney Kramer RT(R)(M)

Video Testimonials

Louis Mullie, MD

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Chicago, IL

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Locania, NH

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Camillus, NY

Hubert Mickel, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MA

Clara "CJ" Jackson-Alston, RT
Savannah, GA

Santiago Domenech, MD, PhD
Gulfcoast's Emergency Ultrasound Program

Doreen Saltiel, MD
International Cardiologist
Savannah, GA

Doreen Saltiel, MD
International Cardiologist
Columbia, MO

Faiz Khan, MD
Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA

Douglas Lowery, MD

Douglas Lowery, MD

Scott Meskin, MD
Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI

Saeed Rehman, MD