Online Courses at Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute


Advance your ultrasound education and improve your diagnostic skills with an online course program.  These courses are designed for the busy ultrasound professional that is unable to attend a regularly scheduled program and include a variety of self-directed activities and instructor led lectures that will maximize the learning experience.

The course is designed in a modular format and includes recommended reading assignments, online video lectures, case presentations, and related online interactive activities.After reviewing the entire online program and successful quiz completion for each module, the participant may print a CME certificate.

Hands-On Ultrasound Scanning:
The participant(s) may choose to coordinate scanning instruction from a medical professional at their facility or choose one of the following GUI options:
1.  Attend a regularly shceduled GUI scanning only workshop
2.  Coordinate an onsite hands-on workshop for their group (requires 5 or more participants).

Bonus!:  If an onsite workshop is coordinated with the purchase of the online course or the individual attends a GUI regularly scheduled scan workshop, an additional 2 months (60 days) access to the online-course will be included.

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Benefits include:

*Optional scanning workshops available upon completion of the E-Course at GUI or onsite at your facility (additional fees apply; onsite programs must be scheduled in advance: Please call for details)

Program Directors & Educators

Enhance your ultrasound curriculum and monitor the progress of your staff or students with VIP instructor access** .
Our special Educator/Group discount applies to programs with 5 or more participants (15% off).

* additional fees apply
** applies to Educator/Group participation program

How to Register and Enroll for the course

  1. Participants should register as a new user.
  2. Once registered go to the online course of their choice from the Online Education menu on the top navigation.
  3. Click on Purchase Course to purchase the course of choice.
  4. Enter the user name and password you used for the new registration to log in.
  5. Choose the course of your choice class from the listing and select (click)
  6. Choose "Purchase course" or "purchase class" button and you will sent to the shopping cart where you can process your order. Once your order has processed, you will receive a confirmation email/receipt for your course. There may be a short delay for this confirmation to show up in your email box.
  7. The user should then be enrolled into the course. Log in to the online course by selecting "Log into Online Course" from's Online Education menu, or by clicking on the Online Course quicklink on the homepage of Your class should be available on the home page when you are logged in. You may also choose the "My Courses" menu item in the upper right-hand side of the page.

If you have any questions, you answers maybe resolved in our FAQ section, or you can contact us directly from the Contact GUI section of the website.